Thyssenkrupp Access LEV II Builder Residential Elevator With Innovative Features

Well-designed with innovative features, the LEV II builder home elevator from well-known elevator supplier Thyssenkrupp Access is a favorite choice with homeowners, builders, designers and architects. With its advanced specifications and compact design, this home elevator is the perfect fit for all middle-income housing projects. If your budget is the main concern and you don’t want to compromise on class and cutting-edge technology, then the LEV II Builder residential elevator is the perfect choice. Elevators in pakistan

Blend of Advanced Technology and Stylish Design

Noted for its advanced technology, functionality and stylish design, the ThyssenKrupp Access LEV II Builder is a feature-rich home elevator system. Besides adding style and elegance to your residence, this home elevator also provides convenient access to the different floors of your multi-storied building and allows persons with mobility challenges to lead an independent life.

The LEV II Builder residential elevator offers affordability, higher efficiency, consistent performance, reliability and durability. It comes with a counterweight chain drive system that makes it an energy-efficient model. This elevator system has an excellent loading capacity of 950 pounds and can transport heavy goods including laundry, furniture, grocery, and more between floors.

LEV II Builder home elevator ensures trouble-free installation. With an overhead clearance of 9 feet, this residential elevator system can travel up to a height of 20 feet. It ensures quick and easy floor-to-floor access with a maximum of 3 travel stops. For the comfort and safety for users, this elevator unit comes with several high-end safety features.

Features of the LEV II Builder Residential Elevator

The LEV II Builder elevator has been specifically built to conform to the requirements of the ASME A17.1 standard for residential elevators in private homes.

* 36″x 48″ inches car size
* Available at an affordable price
* Compact design
* Energy-efficient
* More lifting power (950 pounds) than any other elevator in its class
* Accordion car gate
* Minimum pit depth of 6 inches
* 84″ inside car height
* Programmable logic controller
* Automatic homing
* Battery backup light
* 950 lb. rated load
* Requires less space in your home
* No machine room required
* Exclusive PLS controller standard
* Two recessed halogen lights
* Limited 2 year parts warranty

This home elevator also comes with an extensive array of customization options for car finish. So you can set it up to blend with your building décor.


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