If your CD/DVD-ROM drive can not read the new DVD discs but reads

the old ones normally or your DVD writer stops burning anymore, maybe you can consider updating (flashing) the firmware on your optical disc drive to get it to work again. Here’s how: Samsung firmware

View and write down your drive’s model and its firmware’s version.

Open Device Manager. To do this, just right-click Computer icon on desktop, choose “Manage” to access the Computer Management, then from the left column of the opened Computer Management, click on the “Device Manager”.
Note: There is no Computer icon on windows 8.1 and 8 desktop. To open Device Manager in Windows 8.1/8, click on the Search icon in Windows 8 charm bar, then choose “Settings” and type “device manager” into the search box, press enter and then you will see the Device Manager appearing in search result, just click on it.
In Device Manager, double-click your CD/DVD drive title to open the drive Properties window, then under the “Detail” tab, click the pull-down menu and select “Device Instance ID” or “Device Instance Path” from the drop-down list, then you will see its value like this “IDE\CDROMHL-DT-ST_DVDRAM_GT30N_________LG10”. The “IDE\CDROMHL-DT-ST_DVDRAM_GT30N” is the drive’s type while the “LG10” is the version of the drive’s firmware.
Write down your drive’s model and the version of your drive’s firmware with a text document.
Download the up-to-date firmware from the official website of your drive’s manufacturer, and then install it.

Make a Google search with the keyword, “your drive manufacturer’s name + CD/DVD drive + firmware download “. When you come to the firmware download page at your drive manufacturer’s website, find the correct firmware according to your drive’s model. If the version of the firmware at manufacturer’s website is newer than of your current firmware on drive, download it.
Decompress the downloaded new firmware file, and double-click the .exe file. When you come to the installation interface, select the drive whose firmware you are going to flash from the “Drivers”.
After that, click on the “Flash to drive” button, then the program will start updating the firmware. In addition, before the update, the program will warn you that the power can’t go out while updating firmware.
About 15 seconds later, you will see a prompt, “New Firmware Upgrade Successfully”, appearing on your computer screen.
Re-boot your computer to put the updated firmware into effect.


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